Leadership Development Program

Who am I addressing?

Anyone in a leadership role: Fathers/Mothers, Husbands/Wives, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Managers/Leaders, Authority and Public Figures Figures (of all descriptions) – yes, YOU!

“Leadership training does not work! Leaders are, and must be developed – at any age” …Werner Berger

No one is born a leader, and at the same time we are all born with the potential to be leaders. All we need (needed) is the right developmental stimulus and environment. The NEW WAVE LEADER  is fiercely collaborative, knows her/him-self intimately and produces results way beyond the norm.

“Leadership and Self Actualization are two sides of the same perfection!” …Werner Berger

  • Leaders make a difference!
  • They seek win/win solutions.
  • They are advancers.
  • They are risk takers.
  • They don’t force their ideas nor do they sell them; rather, they motivate, inspire and encourage!
  • They are preservers of the globe for the greater good! In fact, every aspect of our Global future and its well-being depends on them!

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all leaders to some degree. For each of us, dipping our toes into the immersion pool of available knowledge can only lead to fresh perspectives, life changing experiences, learning and personal growth! Meet Me At TheTop, Inc. has designed this adventure to assist you in discovering your real YOU via:

  • The combined experiences and adventurous spirit of Heshie and Werner as consultants, coaches, adventurers, philanthropists, and leaders in their own right, are available to support you in discovering your own magnificence. Once acknowledged and accepted, your own, and the teams collective and individual innate wisdoms and leadership strengths, can guide you through the highs and lows and the chasm that falls between.
  • The challenge of the mountain, and your thrill at discovering a ‘you’ that you might not have know to exist.
  • The African lifestyle can be a powerful teacher when we release ourslves from western biases and judgments. Consider and contrast the Masai – ferocious warriors, lion killers with hand made spears, lovers of cattle and protectors of their environment – where wealth is measured by the number of cattle and having tomorrow’s meal, where living in the present is a way of life (not some goal to be reached), and where smiles and happiness are the order of the day (for the most part, at least). You will be stunned at how happy people can be who have so little.
  • The unspoiled nature of the Serengeti and its serenity, the animals and their cycle of life, and each of us observing and challenging our own judgments, will help fracture limiting beliefs and advance your horizons and spectrum of acceptance.
  • The beauty and ‘rawness’ of Africa will stir you in ways you can’t even imagine
  • Eight hours of formal Leadership coaching via webinar by Werner and Heshie (42 years of combined corporate leadership and consulting experience with clients as large as Clorox, AstraZeneca and American Express). .. see “Modules” below.
  • 1 Hour of Leadership development pre-climb, leadership assignments during the climb, and a debrief after the climb. Past participants have described this as “Transformational.”

(Optional) After, join us for a day or more in distributing the generous contributions Heshie is making to the 1050+ orphans in the area; and at the hospital that functions on water collected from its roof, with an antiquated Sterilizer and a Generator that break down as often as they function.

“Without a question, it was a life changing experience”…is the refrain we have heard over and over again!


Pre-Adventure Leadership Curriculum

Leadership is the most important aspect in the world, and yet, it also is the scarcest. To excel in any aspect of life (and business) we need the ability to inspire, motivate and support others to capitalize on their own performance and growth opportunities; the opportunities they do, or might not see, and/or cannot do by themselves. 

There are seven critical aspects associated with leadership: 

  1. Knowing self
  2. Appreciating personal strengths and accepting limitations
  3. Having COURAGE 
  4. To dream big dreams
  5. Knowing what to do
  6. Stepping into Action; and
  7. Being Congruent – so the Actions positively resonate with others; i.e. 1 – 6 lead to the most critical the seven, how to be congruent and do it authentically and with heart

The pre-adventure Webinars have been designed to primarily support Steps 5 and 6, and to provide insights into the mindset that is critical to Step 7. It is rare for the how to come naturally, for most it needs to be developed. . . and that is what the trek/climb has been designed to facilitate; integration, integration, integration.

Each Webinar will be 30 to 45 minutes in length (if presented live they might be accompanied by a Q & A, and requests for committed action, accountability and support).


The Curriculum (participation is optional and FREE)

(Details available upon registration and at your request)

Module 1 – The Foundation to all Influence – and hence Leadership 

Module 2 – The Five Obstacles that Stop Positive Resonance in its Tracks

Module 3 –  Getting Stuck in the Growth Curve

Module 4 – Success Environments: The Leader’s Prime Responsibility 

Module 5 – The Warriors Path to Full Collaboration (1+1=1)

Module 6 – The Secret Steps to Creating a High Performance Team

Module 7 – A Missing Link – How to Build Relationship, Fast, Deep and Long Lasting

Module 8 – The Unlikely Dance Between Performance and Fulfillment

Bonus Module 9 – The BS of “Do Unto Others . . . “

On the Trek/Climb – Each day you will be assigned a specific leadership developmental task or contemplation.


Come and learn and have fun in the beauty and rawness of the Land of the heralded Big 5 (Lion, Leopard. Elephant, Cape Buffalo and Rhinoceros) and the tallest free standing mountain on earth!

LEADERSHIP    COURAGE                      . . . . and FUN!!!!!
                                     TEAMWORK      STRETCHING
                                     SYNERGY            INSPIRATION    
                                     VISION                  MOTIVATION     
                                     GOALS                   EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING
                                     ACTION                 CHALLENGE, SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE

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