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Meet Me At The Top, Inc. is committed to whole heartedly support the children of our world. . .after all, THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!

As a result we have adopted KindBetterWorld.com as out charity of choice.


The Kids Better World MISSION:

“Seeking to provide the basic human needs of all children, equipping them with the Values of Diversity, Self-Determination, and Responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful and humane life.”

Their website states: “The planet and its people are being torn apart by economic, religious, and ethnic differences!
Because of this, our children are suffering in the form of malnutrition, lack of adequate education, clean water, healthcare, shelter and other basic needs.

How can we know about this and not take action?

I hope you will join us and declare:

  • NO CHILD Shall be emotionally, physically, or nutritionally deprived.
  • NO CHILD Shall be without proper shelter, clothing or physical comfort.
  • NO CHILD Shall be without clean drinking water or ever go hungry.
  • NO CHILD Shall be without the opportunity for education and the ability to succeed in life.
  • NO CHILD Shall ever be demeaned and/or bullied.

At Kids Better World, they feel it is a great injustice that so many of our children struggle to survive; without even the basics, which most of us take for granted.”

Donations: Donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted and passed, dollar for dollar, on to support the mission of Kids Better World.
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Corporate Sponsorship:   How often do you have the oldest person in the world, who has climbed the 7-Summits, leading adventure travel and leadership development trips to the roof of Africa (and the other 6 adventures)? Imagine the publicity that supporting this cause can garner your company!
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Corporate Sponsorship Levels:

BENEFIT (POTENTIAL OPTIONS – to be negotiated)

  • Your corporate banner on top of the mountain
  • Short video of corporate logo and script supplied
  • Photos with the corporate gear and logo
  • Promoted on website
  • Promotion (some) on Social Media (H&W have reach of approx. 2,000,000 (SoShareThis Facebook page engagements) – the powerful “Band of Brothers” adds at least 100,000’s more)
  • Option for a corporate participants to join a climb at a reduced fee
  • Mention of Facebook page, “Werner Berger Recommends”
  • Some of the sponsorship money will be re-invested in promoting the sponsor
  • Some of the sponsorship money will be donated to a charity, e.g. KidsBetterWorld.com in your corporations name
  • Corporate kite flown on the summit – you can auction if off, hang it or gift it
  • Werner presents Keynote with expenses only at one of your functions
  • Werner, as corporate consultant offers a free one day corporate assessment in person
  • Become a part of a 7-Summits documentary
  • Become part of a book related to Leadership lessons learned

KILI BRONZE  ($50,000)   

Logo on sleeve of jacket of Group Leader, a photo with your banner and short video on the summit – logo displayed prominently.

KILI SILVER ($100,000)  

As above plus photos of the entire team wearing your outerwear for 1/2 day

KILI GOLD – ELITE ($200,000)    

As above plus photos on Safari  (option: Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater) plus agreed upon extras



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