“Heshie and Werner we had the most incredible experience together with you! Most epic trip of our life so far for both Paul and me! Thank you for taking us to the top!” . . .Tanya Sahota, Vancouver, Canada (July, 2018)

“FOUR THUMBS UP!!!  Absolutely the most rewarding and memorable experience of our lives!  Tom and I had so many personal breakthroughs along the way and our marriage is stronger than ever as a result of it.  Werner and Heshie are amazing  leaders, and we are forever thankful for Werner’s  lifesaving mitts on the summit day.   Can’t wait to join Werner on Everest Base Camp 2013!” . . . Tom and Anita Leung. Texas

“I’ve had the privilege of making both trips with Werner. In May of 2010 I went to Everest Base Camp and just this last spring I made the trip to Africa. Both trips qualified as life time experiences. Two things that made a big difference to me. One, I’m not an accomplished world traveler, so being with someone that knows what they are doing made a huge difference. Secondly, this is a chance to spend quality time with a world class athlete. Werner is a cool guy to hang out with and his experience and knowledge in the mountains makes both trips safe and comfortable”. . . Bryce Bourn, Wyoming, USA

“I am a single woman of 55. In the summer of 2012,  I travelled alone to Tanzania , Africa to climb the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro. I had committed to the trip in February of that year so I had 4 months to train and prepare for this once in a life time experience.  I had met Werner, several years prior, at a business convention and it was through this meeting that I felt confident to travel to the other side of the planet and climb this amazing mountain with him, with no previous experience.  I just KNEW I would be safe!  Well, the trip was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  He prepared us so well and organized conference calls so we could have all of our questions answered and then was there to personally pick me up at the airport in Tanzania upon my arrival.   It was a challenge, for sure, but he was always there to support and guide us when we needed him.  Lifetime friends were made, the safari portion of the trip was incredible and the climb simply life changing!! I would highly recommend “Meet me at the Top” if you are wanting to have the most incredible experience of YOUR life”. . .Sincerely, Arlene Henkel. BC, Canada

“Africa was the start of my Alphabet Travel. It is going to be a hard act to follow with the other letters of the alphabet. Going on an African Safari has been a dream of my since a kid. Words cannot express how beautiful and exciting life is in the Serengetti. I kept thinking as I climbed Mt. Kilimanjarno, this is so surreal, there is nothing like being above the clouds and pushing yourself beyond your wildest imagination.
This once in a lifetime trip wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the most organized, patient, informative and exciting leaders in Werner and Heshie. They both made you feel so comfortable and special with their energy, positive attitude and support. I am forever changed because of this trip and want to follow them wherever they go. So it’s off to Mt. Everest Base Camp next year with them……With Sincerest Gratitude” – Brenda Howard, Port Perry, Ontario

“Thanks again for such a wonderful trip to Tanzanie last summer. Heshie and you outdid yourshelf on this one. This certainly turned out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I had no regrets. The accomodations, the thousands of wild animals and the lasting friendships that developed all made this a truly outstanding adventure. Everything was top notch and worth every penny. Africia is far more than what any person can ever imagine. There’s so much that could be said about each days experiences, but every day was special in its own way. Great trip.  I am considering going again.  Your friend,” Dave Becker, Riverton, Wyoming

“I’ve been thinking about doing “a climb” for years..  By that I mean, telling people “I’m going to basecamp.. one day”.  The key part was the “one day”.   I think we all (well, maybe not you) fall into that trap, thinking that there is always enough time.  The truth is, that there isn’t always.

From our first contact, you were absolutely fantastic to communicate with – you have a demeanor which can put anyone at ease – especially important considering that for most of us, a trip of Kili was just a “one day” not that long before.

During the trip, you not only kept the group organized with your quiet power, but kept us energized and entertained as well.  Your head guide was amazing and everything on the trip was an incredible experience.  Though not all of us had the same fitness level, you quietly ensured that everyone received the attention they needed to feel successful, which is after all, more important than whether one summits.

I have, and will continue to recommend to everyone who hears my Kili story to come join me on a future adventure with MY mountain leader, Werner”. . . Dan Belhassen, Canada


“After my husband and 15 year old son trekked to Everest Base Camp with Werner in April my 16 year old daughter and I were excited to be heading to Tanzania in June.  Even though we had heard great things about Werner from them, our expectations were exceeded in all aspects of the trip, from the safari, to the climb to the time with the orphans.  I can’t imagine a more rewarding growth experience for my daughter and it was such a pleasure to be able to share in that.  If you are even contemplating this trip, do it!  There would be no regrets”. . . Clare Lindsay, New Zealand

“My trip to Africa in June of 2012 with Werner Berger will be a memory I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Visiting this wild and untamed continent would not have been possible without Werner, who helped make my dream into a reality. The trip was highly recommended by a personal friend, who was on his trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in 2010.

From the moment I signed on for this trip, Werner was there for even the smallest of details. Any questions I had he always answered; he was informative and patient.

If you are seeking an adventure, staying in a tent camp in the middle of the Serengeti with wild animals, and wanting to visit a real Masai warrior village, then Werner is your man.  The animals and landscape are incredible, even with pictures it is hard to describe the beauty.

Traveling to Africa, you will discover your strengths and yes sometimes weaknesses. If you’r thinking about climbing a mountain, I would highly recommend allowing Werner to take you on that journey.  Rarely do you have the opportunity to have a man as positive and warm guide you on such an experience. We were well taken care of, individually and as a group, by Werner and Heshie.”-  Jennifer MacLean, Stouffville, ON Canada

Al Sears, MD (11903 Southern Blvd., Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411) writes:

Dear Werner,

I’m a Lucky Guy. I’m blessed to have been in Tanzania three times now. I was lucky enough to meet with the Masai. I was also blessed to be able to visit the Ngorongoro Crater and get a personal tour from the chief conservator of the crater. He told me the inside story of how they take care of the biggest lions on the planet.

Then I had an incredible climb up Kilimanjaro, the highest walkable point on Earth.

And I also went to see Olduvai Gorge, the birthplace of humankind. It’s one of the most important archeological sites in the world, where the archeologist Mary Leakey discovered almost 2-million-year-old australopithecine pre-human remains.

It’s amazing for  one country to have all those things in it.”

The following testimonials were offered by Werner’s Mt. Everest Base Camp and Leadership Trek participants (2010)

“It was a great adventure and I appreciate all your help during it. I know it was a lot of work and effort on your part to keep 40 people moving. You were a fabulous “Mother Hen”. —Sandie V. IL, USA

‘Werner, everything you did was first class, timely, comprehensive & informative. —Philip Kirk, AZ

‘I personally feel bad that we (as a group) have not recognized you (Werner) for your amazing leadership and generosity. This would have normally been done during the Celebration dinner (which we had to miss because of the weather). —Christian Dion, ON, Canada

‘Thank you for everything, Werner. I am changed – and I believe it is for the better. —Collette Larsen, Ca, USA

‘What an amazing adventure. Thank you for all you have done and more importantly for who you are. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! —Zachary Ross, CA USA

‘Werner is such an amazing leader. The trek was the best experience ever; life changing!! —Lisa Whittal, ON, Canada

‘I loved being all day on the trail with the rhododendrons, amazing views and congenial people. —Elizabeth Pasquale, NY, USA

‘Thank you Werner for your forever positive, sharing, caring and observant ways. Priceless :-).  —Martha Glover, NM, USA

“Standing Ovation Werner! —Penny Kirk, AZ, USA

“I don’t know how either Werner could have improved on this. I was satisfied with the entire performance. —Faith West, ON Canada

“I was impressed with the individual attention given in a 40-person group. Personally, I thought Werner was always accessible, and helpful. I was confident that any concern I brought to you would be considered fairly and efficiently. You were a good model for us. —Gary Graves, CA USA

“Werner’s support was invaluable….his experiences alone helped us achieve this goal…..we could always rely on him for support and a kick in the butt if needed. —Linda Archer, AZ USA

“The support was exceptional. Werner worked very hard behind the scene to make this happen. —Christian Dion, ON Canada


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