Revel in the Magnificence of Africa and come away with Powerful Life Changing Experiences

June 28 – July 11, 2016 (dates to be finalized)

with World Renowned Mt. Everest (and 7-Summits) Climber, Leadership Coach, Movie Producer, Health & Weightloss Consultant and CEO Space Member  

Werner Berger

and reknown

Author, Consultant, Speaker, Artist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Children’s Advocate and CEO Space Member

  Heshie Segal 


This Adventure & Leadership Experience is tax deductible! 

Arranged by Meet Me At The Top, Inc.

African Safari

Purpose of the Adventure: To provide peak, life changing experiences only available on Werner’s Leadership Development Expeditions in Africa, Nepal and Peru!

Witness Africa in the raw:

  • The Serengeti and its ocean of animals
  • The magical Ngorongoro Crater
  • Masai life, passion and symbiotic existence with nature
  • Olduvai Gorge and it’s 3.8 million year secrets
  • The dwindling glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro (while they are still there)
  • The Leadership Development that should have been encouraged and established early in your life!
  • The orphan communities and Heshie’s passion to make a difference by providing 1,000,000 Puritii water filtration systems to kids who are dying at the rate of 5000/day from drinking polluted water.

No one, yes no one, can describe or comprehend the Africa experience until they have lived it. The veldt, the animals, the indigenous people, and the sunsets are magical beyond description. Come and indulge yourself in the presence of fellow adventurers and the tour leaders, Werner Berger (African native and the oldest westerner to have climbed Mt. Everest and oldest in the world to have climbed the 7-Summits [Kilimanjaro 4x]) and  the amazing Heshie Segal, relationship expert, creator of JetNetting, author of “Blink! You’re Judged,” speaker and children’s champion.

Everyone on this adventure is invited to participate in Heshie’s drive to insure the 857 orphans of the area enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding life (see Trip Details).

An interview with Matt Lauer, Today Show, and glimpse into the life of Werner Berger following his successful climb of Mt. Everest in 2007.

Werner adds: “Caution: Africa and the Leadership Development program will change you in ways that personal experience only can!”

Arlene’s Experience (see TESTIMONIALS for many more)

“I am a single woman of 55.  I travelled alone to Tanzania , Africa to climb the highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I had met Werner, and felt confident to travel to the other side of the planet and climb this amazing mountain with him, with no previous experience.  The trip was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.   I would highly recommend “Meet Me at the Top” if you are wanting to have the most incredible experience of YOUR life (for complete text see TESTIMONIALS).….Arlene H., BC, Canada

Decorated young Masai male in manhood ritual
Simba, less than 50′ from the safety of our Safari Vehicle

 Anita and Tom’s Experience

FOUR THUMBS UP!!!  Absolutely the most rewarding and memorable experience of our lives!  Tom and I had so many personal breakthroughs along the way and our marriage is stronger than ever as a result of it.  Werner and Heshie are amazing  leaders, and we are forever thankful for Werner’s  lifesaving mitts on the summit day.   Can’t wait to join Werner on Everest Base Camp 2013! . . . Tom and Anita Leung, Texas

Clare (and Samantha’s) Experience

After my husband and 15 year old son trekked to Everest Base Camp with Werner in April my 16 year old daughter and I were excited to be heading to Tanzania in June.  Even though we had heard great things about Werner from them, our expectations were exceeded in all aspects of the trip, from the safari, to the climb to the time with the orphans.  I can’t imagine a more rewarding growth experience for my daughter and it was such a pleasure to be able to share in that.  If you are even contemplating this trip, do it!  There would be no regrets. . . Clare L, New Zealand

For more accolades see TESTIMONIALS; also check out Werner Berger and Leadership – Tips From The Top on Facebook.

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