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Werner Berger – is the Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the oldest person in the World to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven (7) continents (incl. Mt. Everest).

Werner Berger – Leadership Development Expert

imgres     Werner Berger is founder and president of Meet Me At The Top, Inc. and Strategic Results International. The latter, a consulting firm dedicated to transforming corporations into opportunities of unprecedented fulfillment and success, focuses on co-creating vibrant workplaces in which employees pride themselves for creativity and high performance. Clearly, this translates into higher morale, lower stress, less sick leave and a distinct competitive advantage.

Uniqueness counts and this is exactly what Berger brings to his clients around the world. His background of growing up in Sfrica with limited means, no electricity, no running water, and no telephone, coupled with his drive to excel through school and two postgraduate degrees was a significant undertaking in itself. Then, taking over a small business at age 27 and growing it from 17 to 94 employees in 7 years and then retiring at age 42, became the stepping stone to Part Two in Werner’s life. After four years of this retirement, Werner embarked on a 26 year, corporate consulting career which was followed by his climbing adventures. The latter took him to conquer the 7-Summits, including the top of Mount Everest, and into the record books.

His successful climb of Mount Everest, 56 days short of his 70th birthday, became the crowning glory of the seven summits quest. He brings the vitality of his high altitude climbing and diverse life experiences into the public domain for change and into his corporate consulting, development, trainings and adventure travel.

Werner’s unique perspective allows his clients to see the larger picture of what it means to be in the foothills and to propel themselves to the top.

All of these facts make him the ideal entrepreneur to launch Meet Me at the Top, Inc., create a movie as compelling and transformational as Back From The Edge, and now coordinate, the Serengeti Safari and Kilimanjaro Climb with their mind altering, if not life changing, experiences.

Werner’s passions for change, his nutrition and health regime, and his climbing, are only superseded by his love of his wife Heshie, his four children, and his grandchildren.



For More Informationtion:

Phone: 215-642-0083 (ET) or Email: Werner@Quest736.com

Werner’s Trekking/Climbing StoryWerner Berger

In 1992, on an impulse, Werner trekked into the Everest Base Camp area with his son, Paul. He was 55 years old, and did not have any prior climbing or trekking experience, or background.  This trip changed his life – forever. He fell in love with the majesty of the outdoors, the mountains, with trekking and with climbing. Every time he’s on the trail, surrounded by nature’s beauty, he feels touched in some profound and unique manner, and he is betting you will too! The mountains taught him how to live in the present, be more grounded, humble, in awe, and awoke him to the beauty of all existence. . .and the catalyst to a book (in final edit) on Authentic Leadership (Leadership based on personal power, not position power).

This casual sojourn into the Nepal Himalaya led to him becoming the oldest person in the world to climb the 7-summits and into the Guinness World Record books [1]; He is also the oldest person in the Western World to have reach the top of Mt. Everest[2]

In May 2010 Werner lead a group of 40 trekkers to the Mt. Everest Base Camp, and to the surprise of the trekking and guiding community every single person reached this coveted destination (at 17, 600’); a feat, all the more remarkable since the group age range was 18 to 84 years and the general drop-out rate is between 25 and 45%.

This year will be Werner’s 9th time to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a small group of adventurers open to a profound experience into ‘self’ – discovering who you really are! You are in good hands!

[1]The 7-Summits are the highest elevations on each of the seven continents. November 21, 2013 he completed the climb of the “Climbers Seven” – the more difficult, with Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia replacing little Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia. . .

[2] My reason for climbing Mt. Everest in 2007 was not to conquer the mountain; it was to stretch and to deepen my experience of the connectedness, the oneness, of all existence (which I had already felt during the previous treks and climbs). For fun, I flew a kite on the summit of Mt. Everest – and ask, “has any kite ever flown higher?”)

Werner Berger

Werner – Coach / Mentor / Guide

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