We are here to help you gain experiences of a life time.

Werner Berger and Heshie Segal

Experience the mysteries and beauty of Africa  and comeback with memories you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Other Adventures:                                                                           o     Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal                                                           o     Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

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The melting ice cap on beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro


November 21, 2013 ·”Congratulations to Werner Berger my dear friend and Team Leader of No Limits II. Such a beautiful and inspirational man!”. . .Mikel Ann Hall

It’s time!

Curiosity can be Disruptive

Curiosity can lead to transformation.

Wondering how all this pertains to YOU?

Sit back!

Let your imagination roam. Open up your mind. Be willing to expand.

You are going on a life changing trip. YOU are going to DO it. You are ready. . .you are gathering your gear.

You can feel it, smell it; entrenched in your mind and being.  You are ready. Your adventure is about to begin. 

You have already started counting the days as your upgrade in life takes you on an extraordinary, captivating and safe

experience in Africa designed to thrill and propel you to breakthroughs in courage, resilience and to a deep knowing, you are at the precipice

 of the first day of the rest of your life!  

“I am the master of my universe! I control and igniting This Game of Life!

“As I have Decided, for now and evermore, I will fill my life-adventure, growth, and the chance to just REALY be me!”

Heshie Segal's photo.
Heshie Segal, Facebook Post, November 2013:
November 21, 2013: “I am so overwhelmed – there are tears rolling down my cheeks. I just got the news!! HE DID IT!!! Werner Berger reached the SUMMIT OF CARSTENSZ PYRAMID – he is now the oldest person in the WORLD to have climbed the seven Summits- the Climber’s SEVEN – he is 76 years old – he is such an inspiration to every person on earth!! YIPPEE! He has broken the record!! If you cannot tell, I am so excited!!! Please help spread the word”. . .Heshie Segal (Nov.22, 2013)
Kids Better World, Inc. brings clothing, school and medical supplies to over 1000 orphans.
Africa 457

Even A Pencil Brings Joy

While Werner is on the mountain, Heshie and her supporters deliver life saving Puritii filtration systems, clothing / school supplies and teach the kids crafts and other self sustaining activities.

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